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11 Signs You’ve Sold Your Soul

by Derrick
money - one of the signs you've sold your soul
Selling the soul to gain human satisfaction

The idea of selling your soul has been around for ages, ever since several cultures supported tales about individuals who sold their souls to the devil. Wondering if you’ve done it? Here are some signs you’ve sold your soul.

The most well-known story of selling one’s soul is arguably the legend of Doctor Faustus, a drama based on an alchemist and necromancer from the 1500s, in which the doctor trades his soul for sacred knowledge with the demon Mephistopheles.

Today, the phrase is constantly used metaphorically to characterize someone who has sacrificed something significant to them in favor of temporary gains. People typically refer to it as obtaining one’s desires by doing something bad. It’s simple to understand how this adage fits many individuals.

The idea of “selling your soul” is examined in this article as a metaphor for compromising your principles in return for monetary or material gain. A person has sold their soul if they or will do anything for money, fame, pride, or an abundance of worldly belongings.

We must make difficult decisions throughout our lives, decisions that can conflict with our core values. Perhaps you receive an offer to work for a poor organization, but the pay is too high to refuse. Or maybe you cheated on your relationship and chose to hide it rather than tell them? These are, metaphorically speaking, indications that you have sold your soul. While it ought to be simple to recognize when something is amiss, some people require a little assistance.

Read on to learn the 11 indications that you’ve sold your soul. This may then make it easier for you to pursue getting it back.

11 Signs You’ve Sold Your Soul

When you have “sold your soul” for some things, here are some physical and emotional signs that you can identify and help you retrace your life.

You Feel Guilty

Guilt is a powerful feeling. It can be a severe strain and lead to a downward spiral in your mental health. You could feel guilty when you act in a way that doesn’t reflect your own standards and ideals. This is particularly true when it is a reaction to something terrible you have done. Be it talking hurtful things to friends, bullying coworkers, or betraying a romantic partner for financial or material gain.

Dealing with guilt may be a terrible experience. You frequently feel horrible about yourself and the decisions you’ve made due to it. It reflects your character and the wrong you have committed. This makes it very clear that you have sold your soul.

Losing Self-Respect

Losing Self-Respect 
Losing Self-Respect 

Any money obtained at the expense of your principles, sense of self-worth, and dignity is not worthwhile. Money is undoubtedly vital since it may alleviate many problems and issues people encounter, but when it comes to self-respect and dignity, money is secondary. Nothing is more crucial than our respect for ourselves.

If you’re incredibly wealthy, comparable to Richie Rich, but go to a lavish party at that time, no one respects you more for what you’ll do with that money. You have everything, and everything was purchased with cash. Still, there are some things in this world that money cannot buy, and your self-respect is one of them.

You Always Think Negatively

Negative thoughts are standard; we all experience them. We all have highs and lows. But if this behavior develops into a persistent pattern, you will quickly recognize that it is one of the indications that you have sold your soul. Maybe you’ve got that thought running through your head all the time. In this situation, you could start to wonder what might go wrong if you exchange your value for money or other material possessions and it doesn’t work out. Your day will be significantly impacted if you get up with a negative attitude every morning.

You’ve Compromised Your Morals and Beliefs.

When you are ready to do anything for the work, even if it goes against your principles and morals, this is arguably the most evident indicator that you have sold your soul for worldly possessions. Every time you stray from what is right, you lose life’s guidance. You transform into a lone wolf battling the entire universe. You and a lone wolf are only different because you aren’t thriving to survive. To uphold noble ideas, you are attempting to satisfy your egoistic wants.

You’re Selfish

Selfish people prioritize themselves over everyone and everything. No matter how it affects those close to them, the most important thing is to take care of themselves. Since they are so focused on themselves, selfish people neglect their friends and family and develop rifts with those who are dear to them.

We can all be selfish every now and then, but some things need to change if they dominate your personality. Consider how your choices might affect other people, and follow those considerations. Be more aware of your surroundings and knowledgeable about how you live.

You Break the Law

A man who is arrested for breaking the law.
A man who is arrested for breaking the law.

If you knowingly violate the law. You have an outstanding possibility of ending up in hell and conversing with the devil. Although it is simple to advise against breaking the law, reality frequently has other plans for us. Some people, particularly teens, are pressured to break the law or grow up in environments that allow it.

You must choose to go against the tide and organize your life to abide by the law. People break the law for a variety of reasons. More people should heed this warning if they willingly endanger others. Criminals who disobey the law, such as drug dealers, murderers, and abusers, mostly deserve what they get.

You’re Disloyal 

Unsurprisingly, some people try to make the lives of others more difficult by being unfaithful. In essence, these people are power-seekers who are insecure. People begin to lose faith in you and assume that you are lying to them and don’t care about them. However, justifications are of little use under these circumstances.

Actions speak louder than words,” goes the proverb. The lack of ability to back up claims with deeds is meaningless. One indication that you have sold your soul is your failure to maintain your promises, which reveals your true character.

You Take Advantage of Others

There is a distinction between wanting assistance and abusing others’ kindness. It isn’t kind to act in this way.

If you violate other people’s rights, this is undoubtedly one of the indications that you have sold your soul. It only highlights the unfair treatment of others by some for personal gain. You are not acting morally, and it won’t be long until people realize what kind of person you are. You’re not just making others feel bad; you’re also giving yourself a bad reputation.

Soon, your friends and relatives will stop talking and leave you alone. And that’s okay. When you don’t have their back, you can’t expect them to have yours.

You’re Obsessed With the Trinity of Satisfaction

Being Obsessed With Money
Being Obsessed With Money

It could be sex, power, or money. People have been motivated by greed since ancient times. Everything ultimately leads to power. You can have anything you want if you have power. People wish for power even if they don’t benefit from it, and because of this, they will go to any lengths to obtain it.

If you prioritize desire, greed, and power over everything else in your life, you will undoubtedly leave a path of unhappiness in your wake. You won’t be able to live the life you want because you will have to step on others and knock them down. Be careful not to get yourself into this kind of life.

You’ve Compromised Your Values

If you pursue fame and money at the expense of what is truly important, this is a blatant sign that you have sold your soul to the devil. What should you do when circumstances force you to sacrifice your moral principles? Take a moment to relax and consider your bad habits and what you stand to gain by devaluing yourself.

When faced with a circumstance that tempts you to compromise your essential principles, it is preferable to walk away from the individual pressuring you to act in a way that goes against your moral principles.

You’ve Become Egotistical

To be egocentric is to have an exaggerated sense of self-importance or to believe that you are superior to everyone else. You are bound for disaster when you start to trust your hype. This egotism could be displayed by repeatedly boasting to your friends and colleagues about your fabulous physique or brilliant brain. This attitude signifies that you are selling your soul; therefore, don’t have it.

You must be humble and ready to accept criticism. Recognize that there is no comparison between you and anyone else. This includes treating others with respect. Your odds of being a prick increase as your ego develops. Stay modest!


It doesn’t mean isolating yourself from the modern world if you don’t want to sell your soul. All you need to do is live a simple, truthful life without causing harm to anyone. You will feel great about yourself, and others will be happy to be in your life as long as you continue to live by moral values. When you work for yourself, you’ll never have to worry about giving up your soul for money or material gain.

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