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Linked Souls – 20 Signs You Found Your Soulmate

by Theona Small
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What’s a Soulmate?

A soulmate is someone with whom we have a once-in-a-lifetime connection. Yes, they do exist. It is someone who understands our true self, and with whom we have a deep connection that is often described as “hard to describe.” Soulmates are linked souls.

The soulmate relationship goes far beyond physical attraction and the initial heat of passion. It is a mental and emotional connection that is beyond rare. In a way, it is the kind of relationship we go to the movies to watch, except we can make it real. But the specifics, especially the feelings involved, are not easy to explain. Perhaps the reason is that just as each person is a unique individual, so is each soulmate.

Are Soulmates Real?

The idea of a soulmate holds much promise. Most people would give anything to find that one, special person. But is a soulmate really “the one?” Is there only one person qualified for this job? The search for that elusive soulmate involves creating our best selves to assure that we are ready when Mr. or Ms. Right comes into our lives. Below are some of the best ways to accomplish that:

  1. Focus on matters that are within your control. These are the areas in your life where you can make the most logical changes and improvements. For example, if you have a few additional pounds, doing on a diet and eating healthy is within your control and places different types of people in your life.
  1. Learning to be more self-aware will help you get to know yourself and what to look for in a soulmate. Make a list of your true values and focus on what makes you happy in a relationship. That will bring you closer to the person who can fulfill your dreams.
  1. Become the best version of yourself. Grow as a single person, and the right soulmate is bound to take notice. If you wait until you have found your soulmate to come alive, you may wait a long time. Begin your soulmate relationship with yourself. Become the kind of person you would want to be with.

How Rare are Linked Souls and How Do We Find Them?

Finding a soulmate is not a daily occurrence. Perhaps it is their rarity that makes them so special. Plenty of people find the very existence of soulmates difficult to accept. The main reason for that is that they take so little time to get to know themselves, they have no idea what to look for in someone else. The first step in finding that special him or her is finding ourselves.

finding ourselves


Anyone on a quest for a soulmate needs to know:

  1. Who he or she really is
  2. What he or she wants in life
  3. What makes him or her happy

To be totally satisfied by someone else, we first need to satisfy and appreciate our own true nature. How else will we find that perfect match? We all have unique qualities that we need to let shine through for our soulmate to recognize. Much so-called self-help advice involves how to recreate ourselves. That is fine, but how will our soulmate recognize us if we present a fake image to the world? When two people are their genuine selves, they have a much better chance of recognizing each other.  

First, linked souls are not always about romance, although the physical aspect can be a major part of a soulmate. Therapist De-Andrea Blaylock-Johnson believes that physical intimacy can serve to establish and strengthen linked souls. Some reliable signs that you have linked with your soulmate are as follows:

You Experience A Deep Connection

We bond with many people – from a friend, relative, and even the cashier at the store where we frequently shop. The bond with a soulmate goes far deeper and is much rarer. In some cases, this bond is truly a once-in-a-lifetime connection. Most people feel a sense of familiarity when meeting a soulmate for the first time.

You React Intensely to Your Soulmate

On an interesting level, finding your soulmate can make you more emphatic and help you get closer to people. When you establish a close bond with someone, you instinctively bond easier with other people. You find it easier to get closer to them and understand them. The people around you become more important. Finding a soulmate can make the world a safer place as you feel more secure and confident in your own place in it. According to psychotherapist Rachel Dack, “Finding your soulmate leads to a confidence boost and more energy to tackle problems.” The very presence of a soulmate makes you feel better about yourself.

You Become More Positive

When we are with our soulmate, the world in our Eden. Everything looks better and rosier. And anything seems possible. We are willing to try new things and meet new people as our entire existence becomes broader. It’s as if our world had expanded. Our mind is filled with positivity. When we have a soulmate, we just smile more often, even when he or she is not around.

A soulmate who truly understands us can boost our positive energy, just as we can boost his or her. It’s like twin energies rising as high as possible.

Life is Easier with a Soulmate

Life presents challenges. That is normal and even makes it fun. However, when we have a soulmate at our side, our challenges become easier, because this is someone who won’t let us down. Such a partner becomes invaluable when we wish to pursue a dream, learn a new skill, or do something that we would never have dared to attempt. A soulmate can help us overcome a great deal of fear and make us reach higher than we could have ever imagined.

A true soulmate helps us grow. That is the major difference between a soulmate and an ordinary life partner. Some partners hold us back. Others make us doubt ourselves. A soulmate helps us walk on the sunny side of the street.

Let’s Remember the Sex

guy unfastening bra

Everyone looks for sexual satisfaction in a partner. However, the bond between soulmates promises an electric experience. The sex is as unique as the relationship itself. According to relationship coach Gail de Souza, “With a soulmate, it is simply magical. We are talking of an out-of-this-world experience because it goes beyond your bodies, this time, your heart, souls, and spirits become one. Nothing can connect individuals this way except when they are with their soulmates and no better way to connect soulmates than uniting them in sex.”

A Soulmate Is a Best Friend

While a passionate physical relationship is an important part of having a soulmate, a soulmate is also our best friend. He or she is someone we spend most of our time with, both in and out of bed, because any time away from him or her means something is lacking in our lives. We share our hobbies and interests with our soulmates, which only serves to bring us closer. At the same time, privacy and alone time are respected when necessary.

20 Signs You Have Found Your Soulmate

Finding love is easy. Finding one’s soulmate is somewhat more difficult. You may be blissful in someone’s company, but how can you be sure he or she is your soulmate? Even if you don’t specifically believe in fate or soulmates, it is nice to think there is someone out there who fits with you like the perfect puzzle piece.

  1. Any kind of love is partly intuitive. We sense it in our gut. When you get that toe-curling feeling, listen to it. It may know something you don’t.
  1. You feel relaxed around the other person, without any need to impress or act like someone you are not. The genuine you can shine through and there is no other feeling quite like that.
  1. You are two bodies that share feelings. When you hurt, he or she hurts. When he or she is happy, you are happy. Their victories are your victories, and your failures are their failures.
  1. Soulmates respect each other’s feelings and ideas. You may not always agree, but you do respect the other person.
  1. You are alike but with meaningful differences that create a balance. If one of you is a spendthrift, the other knows how to save. It’s a yin and yang relationship that works.
  1. Whatever the difference, you agree on the fundamentals. While you may argue about pineapple on pizza, you share goals and dreams and are aligned about your future.
  1. You bring out the best in each other. You push each other just enough to allow both of you to become the best versions of yourselves. Soulmates grow together.
  1. You accept everything about each other, including any flaws. You don’t expect the other to be perfect; for you, he or she is already perfect just the way they are.
  1. When you have a soulmate, the relationship is important to you. You work to maintain it and work to keep it. That can mean discussing areas of disagreement and compromising when necessary. If needed, you will discuss the situation with a therapist because you won’t let issues erode the relationship.
  1. You support each other without reservation. You are a genuine fan of your soulmate.
  1. Your soulmate and you are emotionally attuned. You know and feel when he or she is in distress. You are there during the bad times. Soulmates know they can rely on each other. You walk side by side and never alone.
  1. The sexual chemistry is real. You are attuned to each other not only emotionally, but physically as well. The physical need for your soulmate is strong.
  1. Being a bit jealous is normal, but you trust your soulmate. You are certain that no one will get between you and diminish the relationship. It’s okay if he or she dances with someone else at a party. They are going home with you.
  1. You enjoy togetherness, even if it is sitting in silence. You and your soulmate enjoy a special level of comfort.
  1. While you can be apart, when necessary, you and your soulmate are happiest when together.
  1. The trust you have in each other is absolute. You and your soulmate would never snoop into each other’s private emails, phone messages, texts, etc. You know when to be close and when distance and privacy are called for.
  1. The love and attraction between soulmates can be addictive. It raised the body’s dopamine level, which boosts the brain’s happiness level.
  1. Both you and your soulmate put each other’s needs first.
  1. It is normal for two married people to fight occasionally. But soulmates fight fair. There are no insults and hurtful words. A couple can fight and still respect each other.
  1. We all have our secrets. But our soulmate is the one person on earth with whom we feel comfortable enough to reveal that innermost part of ourselves.
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Your soulmate is the one critical person in your life. Treat them well. He or she will encourage you to be the best you can be. To offer encouragement to this important person, you should:

  1. Truly listen to what he or she has to say. Conscious listening is one of the greatest gifts a person can give another.
  1. Regardless of how busy a person is, the physical aspect of the relationship should never be neglected. It is this passion that makes the relationship so unique. But it is more than sex. Hold your soulmate’s hand. Lean into each other. Create a natural seductive atmosphere.
  1. Even though you are emotionally connected to your soulmate, don’t assume the words can remain silent. Tell him or her exactly how you feel and what you need. “I love you,” is always a good conversation starter.
  1. Upend the daily routine with an occasional surprise. Take your soulmate out for an unexpected dinner or on a short trip. Surprise him or her with a gift. Remind your soulmate that he or she is constantly on your mind.

Linked souls are special. Be sure to treat him or her in a special way.

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